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About Firefox 3.0 and Camino

Recently I started using the Safari on my Mac more often than ever.
Consequently I became to use the Firefox less frequently.
What was the cause? I like the “Find-As-You-Type” and “multi-highlighter”, and other extensions for the Firefox a lot. (Oh.. The “Find-As-You-Type” of the Safari 3.0 is very cool, though. ) The Firefox provides better features for reading long articles than any other web browsers.

However, from a certain version of the Firefox, it became painfully slow.
Especially, when you switch input methods, it stops responding. When you make a new tab or open a new window, it slowed down too much. When an HTML page contains a flash media, it halts. Like the Java advocates, the Firefox people also do the same mistake, “Ours is the fastes.”
They may count the HTML rendering speed only. Launching the browser, making new window, closing a window, browsing back & forth, and so on should be considered for reflecting real performance properly.

However, a few days ago, I downloaded the Firefox 3.0 for testing.
It uses the Cairo. It accepted native widget using the Carbon. As a result, switching tabs, windows, and launching become faster. What is even better is that switching input methods are now fast enough to use. Also, the Firefox 3.0 doesn’t hang as often as the Firefox 2.0 did.
So, I guess the widget code based on the XUL was the cause of the serious slow-down, and many other problems. Probably it is the one reason the Apple didn’t choose the Moziila codes.
(Actually the Gecko is good. But what I mean is the Mozilla’s code base. )

Things can be broken again, though. However I hope it would not.

By the way, where is the future of the Camino then?
I don’t think Camino has superior Mac-like UI than the Firefox. To me, Firefox GUI is much better. Now, the Firefox has the native widget, and it shares the HTML rendering engine, Gecko, with the Camino.
There is nothing unique left for the Camino.
Bye, bye, Camino~

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