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Agile technique/methodology


That’s what I’m saying as a person who saw the birth of agile technique/methodology. Don’t stick to terminology and their requirements/ or ‘do-this-do-that’.

I remember it was around 1992 when I first saw it. It was in its very early stage. As far as I remember it became more formal. However, I remember that people in S/W engineering called it ‘technique’ rather than ‘methodology’. There was good reason for that. However, after that time ( around 1996~7 ), professors or people in academia have built ivory tower around it. At that time, that was tendency in S/W industry/school. Wow factors were reduced, because most of things we could imagine this ‘comparably-new’ field of academia/industry  were already made or pusuit largely. Anothe example was ‘pattern’. In Korea, we used to say that ‘reason to read books on patterns’ was not because we didn’t know them but because we didn’t know how people called them.

That is typical way to provide ‘authority’ in their major field and protect themselves to present them as ‘experts’. Knowing terminology is important, but it’s not core of knowledge. Knowing is to know something and making it yourself.

I can’t forget a story about a very famous author’s father. (Milan Kundera’s father? I’m not sure ).

His father was a great fan of classical music. In a social meeting with people who care classical music (Surely most are from high society ). People there kind of looked down his father when they let W.A Mozart’s early music played and his father mumbled “Hmmm.. this is differnt from when Mozart grew up but still has his feeling and style though not mature.” It was famous one. Those people mumbled how his father couldn’t know the title of the Mozart’s.
The difference is that they memorized that it’s Mozart’s, while his father knew the style. What’s actual knowledge? Which one we can call ‘knowing’?

I believe who really knows Mozart’s is his father not other people. “Can say terminology or definition by just memorizing’ is not ‘knowing’ itself. After it is boiled and cooked into oneself, even after he forget what it is called, if he can ‘know’ what it is, what it is for, etc, it’s actual ‘knowing’.

After getting interviewed here in the USA for years, now what I can say for sure is that, people here pick  a S/W engineer they want to hire like the way those ‘other’ people do not the father.
In Korea, (i’m sorry that say this but) it’s how small companies hire ‘coders’, who just learned how to write S/W program in ‘programming’ institutes ( like language institutes for English, Korean )
Good S/W engineers from University pursuit their knowledge by understanding not by just memorizing. (memorizing is one of the step to know, as phase 1 along with understanding though. )

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