Windows 10 can be run on Raspberry Pi!

This is great movement by MS.

Unix programming on this kind of one board PC is interesting enough to people like me, but for most of people, if things can be developed as Windows app, it can attract more audience!

Now, because MS Windows has a build for ARM, they finally allowed to run Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi AND you can develop app with Visual Studio!

It’s great!!!!

it can be also great ‘learning’ kit for Windows device developers.
Well, I know, I know. There is no good reference book for developing Windows device drivers. MS’s own one is too old, and some info there can’t be even applied.
However, at work, your managers can be people who don’t major in Engineering or Computer Science. So, they would think like “This is S/W program, and you are a S/W engineer. Why can’t you implement it?”
it’s not usual case S/W developers put their hands on device drivers. It’s usually done by people who major in EE, not CS or CSE.
(Well, nowadays, even CSE folks can do it, because embedded programming was now included in their curriculum.)
Also, device driver development requires information about target H/w. For example, when you want to write your own mouse driver for some logitech mouse, You may not be able to get information about the target device. there are some common interface, but may not.
(Think of web cams, for which standard was not fully prepared or even though there was standard, it was difficult to get informaiton on it. – remember MACAM? )
Also, a person who never developed device driver don’t know what information he needs.

But anyway, with this kind of device, at least people can try and play. Well.. yes. You can also study such stuff with normal PC box, but Raspberry Pi would encourage you to do so more because it would not have device drivers you want use with the raspberry pi. :)


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