Revisit 3D : Immediate Mode and Retained Mode

As far as I remember, it was QuickDraw 3D which introduced ‘retained’ mode in 3D graphics for the first time at least in the level that people who learnt 3D graphics programming generally. When QuickDraw 3D was announced, Apple mentioned it was researched at MIT and they adopted the concept if what I remember is correct.

I remember Apple’s demo application with VW Golf and some other objects. However at that time, Macintosh was very expensive ( in S.Korea, it costs 3 times to how it did in the US. ( +100% for importing, +100 % for profit for Elex, the importer and distributor of Mac in S.Korea, and original price ). So, I couldn’t affor it after Macintosh LC. Moreover Mac was dying and I didn’t want to spend that kind of money.

However, I would like to try QuickDraw 3D. One of the good concept was this retained mode ( in addition to traditional OpenGL-like immediate mode. )

So, here is a recap for the concept.
The Basics of QuickDraw 3D Geometries

Also, at that time, MS also adopted the concept ( for competition? )
And… they still have it.

MSDN : Retained Mode vs. Immediate Mode

Also, OpenGL also has the mode!

It has been long time that I handed off programming in 3D graphics. It was one of my favorite area, but it was not useful at work and I couldn’t afford my time in it any longer since my moving to the US.
However, for sometime I kept sniffing in it and have seen how OpenGL had been evolved and kept following the latest trend in 3D programming, like vertex shading etc, but I didn’t write code with them.

Now, it’s time to do. So, I need to catch it up!


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