Google and their web initiatives

What I don’t like about Google is that they try to kill or diminish interest in platform native development.

At first, they weren’t. They introduced picasa program and picture-sharing chatting/SNS program. I was amazed by their insight for GUI and elegant/cute GUI design. However, they shortly decided to kill the picture sharing chatting program ( the rationale was that the program was not quite popular, as far as I remember.)
Then they reduced expose of Picasa program and promoted Picasa web service. Then they started to encourage web development and delayed their SDK development for C/C++.

I don’t like such direction. I know how current generation of developers think about native programming. However, C/C++ programming is fun and you can learn about computers and how it works more. Script language is easy to use, but also they are resource hogs and slow. Well, nowadays CPU is very fast and cost of memory goes down. Also, Google enhanced JavaScript engine and hs tried to fine tune TCP protocol for Web for better efficiency.
So, people can say web programming is the way to go.
However, I still feel limitation in web programming paradigm.
Also, although many web frameworks hides the ugly face of HTTP, but HTML/CSS/JavaScript is not really created for interactivity. Well, AJAX solves it. But still it’s like to find a way to introduce native-app like interation on top of a layer which was not designed for that.

I was a long time web developer. When one tried to become everything, it usually failed in the history of computer.

Currently, AJAX based trend looks to be better than that of PL/1 and Java, but basically I see lots of inefficiency with web based development.

Moreover, when tried to integrate Google services to a native app, it’s cumbersome, and Google don’t provide good document or sufficiently good behavior of API.
Some people would shout what I’m talking about.
Yes. Google’s documentation looks pretty and looks thourough until you actually start to work on them. You see lots of missing information and missing link, or not-so-clear explanation.
It’s better than MS documentation, but it lacks in other area.

I wish Google introduce more C/C++ based platform independent SDKs for integrating their service into native apps.

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