Some new additions in Objective-C : Nullability

After starting to work at Telestream, I don’t have time to write posts usually here. Actually more correct reason is that I don’t run into some subjects which interest me : Win32/MFC programming? Not doing much here. Here in-house framework is used although it’s written on top of Win32 and Cocoa/Carbon and sometimes I do touch those but not as much as I did before. Also, it’s not interesting to share such information here, because those frameworks/libraries are not used outside of this company.

.NET is not technically interesting or is almost same to Cocoa in its philosophy-wise. So, if I touch one subject in Cocoa, it’s also applicable to .NET or vice versa.

So, I feel like I’m behind of time, because I can’t catch up with their latest and greatest additions and changes.
Sometimes it suddenly makes me feel stupid and retarded. Here is one such thing : Nullability

Apple people nowadays don’t speak out things on fundamental stuffs. They like to speak out new functionality which attracts media journalists’ eyes rather than developers. ( Why are there so many non-developers who anticipates new products at WWDC? ) However to us, developers, this kind of fundamental changes are more interesting.
Here are some good blog posts. Please have your hands wet in them.


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