ID2D1*RenderTarget & Device/Device Context

Rendering with Direct2D on Windows 8

On Windows 7 and earlier, you use a ID2D1HwndRenderTarget or another render target interface to render to a window or surface. Starting with Windows 8, we do not recommend rendering by using methods that rely on interfaces like ID2D1HwndRenderTarget because they won’t work with Windows Store apps. You can use a device context to render to an Hwnd if you want to make a desktop app and still take advantage of the device context’s additional features. However, the device context is required to render content in a Windows Store apps with Direct2D.

  •  Windows 7 and earlier : ID2D1*RenderTarget are expected to be used to render drawing primitives/text etc.
  • Windows 8+ : Device context are expected to be used, because those ID2D1*RenderTargets don’t work for Windows Store apps.

Question 1: Why are classes/interfaces for drawing affected by Windows Store? Technically Windows Store is for selling S/W. They may require some, but is there any valid reason to prevent some drawing classes/interfaces from being used?

Question 2: If it’s that critical, shouldn’t there be any warning message on ID2D1*RenderTarget MSDN pages, at least on their 1st page?

Question 3: So, if you are not going to sell your S/W on Windows store infrastructure, you don’t have those restrictions, right? (Anyway Windows store doesn’t look to draw people’s attention as much as Apple’s app store. So, it will not serve as “People, you don’t know where to find your Windows app, come here!” role.



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