OAuth 2 using curl

Trying out OAuth2 via CURL from h[y]tech blog.

It’s good to know that. As a long time user and developer for Unix, I have know cURL. It’s high-level program/library for various protocols and it’s sort of known that it can do everything.
However, buying tech book…? I don’t remember when is my last time such books. Nowadays I rely on Web. (although pedagogy style or explanation styles are not good especially blogs and web site created here in USA. usually Japanese ( of course ) or Korean ( if any ) writing style/books/posts on web are better for more concise and better explanation.

But.. anyway… Today I found very useful blog post on “How to do OAuth 2 with cURL”
Step by step and easy to understand one. It’s good because I don’t need to read MAN pages or documents on Web thoroughly. At least it can be good starting point to get some idea etc. Only when more information is needed, those more official document can be looked up.

More background information is located here : OAuth2: The Resource Owner Password Flow
Official document on OAuth is here : The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework


Of course, these SNS requires OAuth. (1.1 or 2.0+)


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