Why was there TLS/SSL bug in iOS 7 recently


Yes.. let’s take a look at it.
Apple’s SSL/TLS bug

So, it’s due to { and }.
It made me recall one interview I had several years ago.
Many people interviewed me there and one guy asked me “What can be wrong with this code” or something like that. The code was like this :

while( (k >0 ) && blah blah
       blah blah.. )

I said there was nothing wrong. Then he treated me like a person who didn’t know about this and told me that you should put { and } before and after i++; line, because people can easily mess it up.
Like adding further lines thinking that it is part of the while block, but actually it’s not.
( Hey! Python guys!!! )
If you have used Python often and a lot, and are foreign to C/C++, right.. there are such possibility. or if you are not just careful about it, yes, you can mess things up.

However, in my case, I have a habit of putting those braces and prefer Allman style rather than Kernighan & Ritchie style. So, there is no reason for me to do mistake.
Also, I’m aware of the problems which can be introduced such styles discussed in the blog post pointed by the link.

He should have asked : “What kind of problem can arise if this style is used.”
By doing that I can easily figure out what he wants to ask.

BTW, working in US, I saw lots of problems with various S/W engineers.
Back there in Korea, I’ve usually worked with people who majored in CS/CSE or EE.
Here in the US, everybody writes code. It doesn’t matter what background they have.
Even people with CS/CSE major but without passion and interest in S/W engineering don’t write code well. People here seem to be focused on how many API function they memorize or how many C/C++ features they memorize. if you can’t answer in front of them, not because you don’t know it but because your brain is not in the mode yet or temporarily forget because you worked on other aspect of interested stuff, then they think you don’t know about the subject.

The problem is that they don’t have eye for it. In my case, even though an interviewee doesn’t answer it, I can figure out if he/she doesn’t know it, or know it but just couldn’t pick that out from their brain. Sometimes we even forget where a trash can in your office. But once you go into the office, your body knows it, right?

I believe that managers and companies in S.Korea should treat their S/W developers more well.
If you are S.Korean S/W engineer, you will understand what I mean.


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