Unofficial AirPlay Protocol

Apple spent lots of money on Taligent, OpenDoc and many others. However they lost lost of money from it.
One of the things Steve Jobs did when he came back to Apple is to axe long term research.
They didn’t have money to spend on something which didn’t make money immediately.

Probably they still push such approach on product/technology development.
Bonjour, AV Foundation for Windows, AirPlay for Windows…
Apple provides SDKs for some of them, but has not updated them for long time.
If Apple plays hardball on computer industry, they could have made Bonjour for .NET, QuickTime for .NET etc.
But they don’t.
QuickTime for Windows is still left behind. On Mac, QuickTime is deprecated. Then what about Windows?
Because they have plugins for web browsers and many movie preview sites are created with QuickTime, I believe Apple people are working on AV Foundation for Windows to keep supporting them. However, I don’t smell it as strongly as Mac OS X for Intel in the era of PowerPC.
How about AirPlay for Windows? Apple will surely have is SDK in house. That is because their iTunes for Windows has AirPlay capability. But they don’t announce it. is it because it’s not ready yet?

Well.. unlike how it was in the PC era, when they had to attract Windows developers and users, Apple now has very strong platform, iOS. Financially, mentally… in every aspect they put their focus on iOS than Mac OS X.
Also, by not announcing those, they can persuade people to buy Apple platform.
When they were weak, they had to approach Windows developers and users actively. Now, it’s reversed.

Some can say that they don’t need to support Windows. Well.. yes.. maybe it’s better to make AirPlay for Android.
Bonjour for Android. However, they don’t do that either. It’s because smartphone business is different from PC business.
On PC platform, developers choose 3rd party libraries freely. But on smartphone platform, people tend to rely on frameworks provided by the OS provider.

PC and smartphone business are very different.

But anyway.. for people who are curious about possibility of 3rd party implementation of AirPlay.. here it goes.



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