libiconv from MacPort and OS X framework

Somehow libiconv has given me lots of headache since I knew its existence.

Today, I ran into a problem with it. (again!)
Although I linked libiconv from OS X framework and included its header files, it complaint in building.

It somehow said there is no _iconv, _iconv_open and _iconv_close defined.
I wonder why and started to think that it may somehow confused with the libconv from MacPort.
Since I’ve used Unix, which is late 80’s, I had questions on libiconv and others. There are libraries of which official page say that the latest version is 1.4.2, for example. But strangely on my Linux machine or Sun machine I used, there are lib<the_library>.2.x.x.a or lib<the_library>
Where the 2.x version comes from?

It’s also same with libiconv. The official page says its latest version is 1.14, but somehow Mac OS X has libiconv.2.dylib.
Header files are a little different. But they are anyway the same, iconv, iconv_open and iconv_close.
Then it should be able to find it.

However, this is what’s there.

symbols in libiconv from MacPort
JongAms-MacBookPro:opt jongp$ nm -a local/lib/libiconv.2.dylib | grep iconv
00000000000f90c0 D __libiconv_version
0000000000003000 T _iconv_canonicalize
0000000000002760 T _libiconv
0000000000002790 T _libiconv_close
0000000000001350 T _libiconv_open
00000000000027a0 T _libiconv_open_into
0000000000017980 t _libiconv_relocate
00000000000fa7a8 b _libiconv_relocate.initialized.b
00000000000178c0 T _libiconv_set_relocation_prefix
0000000000002cc0 T _libiconvctl
0000000000002dd0 T _libiconvlist
symbols in libiconv from OS X framework
JongAms-MacBookPro:opt jongp$ nm -a /Applications/  | grep iconv
00000000000f26c0 S ___iconv_2VersionNumber
00000000000f2690 S ___iconv_2VersionString
00000000000f60f0 D __libiconv_version
0000000000002f1f T _iconv
000000000000325d T _iconv_canonicalize
0000000000002f41 T _iconv_close
0000000000001c59 T _iconv_open
0000000000002f4e T _iconvctl
0000000000003064 T _iconvlist
00000000000158e2 T _libiconv_relocate
000000000001582d T _libiconv_set_relocation_prefix

It’s very odd.
Anyway, although the /opt/local/lib, the library path of MacPort is included in the library search path in my Xcode project, but what is actually linked by adding explicitly using Link Binary with Libraries phase of Xcode target project was the one from OS X framework.
Then Xcode should try to link with the version instead of the one from Mac Port.

However, in the messages, it just linked with this option : -liconv.2.
But it couldn’t . Somehow the libiconv from Mac Port still preventd the linkage. (again, MacPort version is not 2, but 1.x )
So, I had to remove /opt/local/lib. Then it linked without a problem.

It’s odd that why there are two different versions on Internet. But even though it is if the library is set to be linked using Xcode “Link Binary with Library”, shouldn’t Xcode or its linker abide by that specific one more strictly? It should try to link the libraries set to be linked such way first.


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