freshmeat ( now freecode ) and… then and now…

In early 1990’s, project hosting or listing started to boom.
Since then, I’ve visited freshmet and very frequently.    They were sleek and listed and hosted lots of good open source project respectively.

However, as I mentioned in one of my post a while ago, iPhone actually killed lots of energy in open source field.
People could make money by making apps for iPhones while working a side. Open source could be good strategy for maintaining your skill and appeal what you can do. However, before iPhone, except for several famous big projects, it was a kind of waste for many people.

When distributed source code management became more popular than centralized one, github, bitbucket and others pulled more people than fresshmeat and Since then, those two sites, i.e. freshmeat and, looked to become ghost towns. They lost their sleekness somehow.
Although I couldn’t concentrate on open source stuff after I migrated to the US, I was involved in many open source projects and spent lots of time in them.

Well.. I feel sad to see how things change… GitHub and BitBucket are quite nice.. there is nothing wrong about them.. but….

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