The advance of WebObject has been stalled…

EO Modeling.. WebObject brought very easy to use graphing mechanism between DBMS/data storage, GUI and controller among them.
However, after NeXT was merged with Apple, they didn’t push WebObject much. Actually as a product WebObject died. I’m really sorry about it. Because “Things as Objects”-movement was stalled ever since. Well.. it’s true that nowadays everything is objects. But it looks to me that people don’t push more advanced concept anymore.

CORBA looks to be dead, although GNOME on top of CORBA is still popular on Linux. But GNOME doesn’t push the virtue of CORBA in my opinion.

After a few years  of silence, actually their paradigm came back to Mac.
It’s CoreData. But it’s more about framework rather than whole set of development tools and workflow. Moreover, i don’t prefer using Core Data. There are many reason.
Other than people who only knows about Mac, people who need to handle stuffs on multiple platforms like me will care more about portability and control-power.

Anyway.. here is one video on WebObject, demonstrated by Steve Jobs himself.

But actually, that video is more about White OpenStep rather than WebObject itself.
Oh.. actually there is…


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