Reply from Samsung and they lied again…

We would like to explain about the Galaxy S4 test which was claimed by some benchmark sites

OK.  They said..

Galaxy S4 is operated up to its max. performance, 533Mhz under general environment.

However, in full screen mode where “status bar” is hidden, some games which can be too much burden for long use is operated at 480Mhz.

However, S browser, Gallery, Camera, Video Player etc and apps requiring full screen mode and some benchmarking tools are operated in the environment where it can achieve its max performance.

We would like to say that it is not intentionally adjusted to increase benchmark score only for specific tools.

Samsung Electronics is doing its best to provide the optimal usage experience to our consumers and opens our ears to customers’ voice.


It’s very tricky. Actually the 3rd and 4th statements contradicts each other. On the 3rd sentence, they say for some benchmarking tools, the Galaxy S4 operates in its max performance, while on the 4th sentence, they say it’s not intentional. Huhhhhh? Can a device figure out if it’s a benchmark program? How can it operates in its max performance for such benchmarking program automatically without being said so?

Some guys figured out that it was intentionally tweaked for increasing benchmark speed.

The folks at AnandTech decided to investigate and found out that the phone does indeed let its GPU run at a higher frequency when particular benchmark software is running. They found a similar oddity with the CPU — it wasn’t restricted for other apps, but it was forced to run at max speed during benchmarks. Then they decided to look for direct evidence that this was intentional.

It is like to say, “I broke into a house through its window and took some jewelry, but I didn’t steal it.”


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