IBM Power 775 supercomputer

This IBM Power 775 supercomputer is not a too big computer, but they call it a supercomputer.

What is interesting is that it has :

  • PC architecture
  • PCIe version 2 x16 ( version 2 of PCIe with 16 lanes )
  • 256 cores

So, it doesn’t even have PCIe version 3.

Compared to that, Apple’s new Mac Pro looks to be cost-effective ( presumably) high performance computer.
Surely the Mac Pro can’t beat this kind of computer. However, PCIe doesn’t look to be too bad for practical usage.
Although the Thunderbolt  2 can support only upto 20Gbps ( well, as a personal workstation, it’s fast enough and actually impressive. ) to support some really niche market, if the data bandwidth for I/O really matters, then you can find out the PCIe in Mac Pro is not too bad for the probable price.
( I don’t think that Mac Pro will be as expensive as IBM Power 775 or even goes over the price range of PC servers. )


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