WWDC 2013

wwdc13-about-mainWWDC 2013 ticker sale starts at April, 25th, 10 AM PDT

You would wonder if it’s worthy of the fee, $1,600. ( I hate it to say $1,599 )

So, here I would like to summarize why it can be good to attend and why it can’t be.

  • Why you should attend
    • You are surrounded by Apple haters and naysayers. So, you need motivation.
      • Until iPhone/iOS was announced, Mac developers were small group of cattle. You know Mac is very exciting platform due to its elegance of frameworks and many other stuffs, but you felt desperate because people around you say negative stuffs based on false information. At that time you need strong motivation. I can’t forget how amazing experience that was. ( I was a Windows/Unix developer also. So, mine will not as great as other Mac-only developers. Let’s say you developed only for Mac, how great the feeling could be! )
      • Even nowadays, although Apple is doing quite well, stock holders who worry that Apple’s margin on iOS devices are not as good as how it was before and journalists who don’t understand the whole picture, there are still many nay sayers. Check some tech. news web site recently. They even said Tim Cook should be kicked out. The low margin can be good for customers because we as customers can buy a good products in cheaper price. Also that makes Apple’s products more competitive. How single-cell creature-like thinking of that greedy stock holders!
      • So, you may still need motivation.
    • If you can speak English without worrying about your pronunciation and know how to start conversation with foreigners, it will give you a good feeling and may be able to find an opportunity in other country than you live. It doesn’t matter you emigrate to those foreign countries or not. At least you can get fresh and live information on markets you are interested in.
    • You can go through as many sessions as you can. If you do it at home with their sliders and video, you may not able to do that. I personally didn’t even watch those video except for a few selected ones.
    • If you take a MacBooks with you, you can attend their hand-on sessions. You can learn with Apple engineers’ help in a short distance. So, to make the learning process more effective, be prepared to be familiar with those code you want to write and technology behind it. Then you can ask more directly instead of focusing writing code in hand-on sessions. While asking questions and learning stuffs, you can also chat with Apple people and suggest your idea. You never know whom you are talking with. Actually I noticed that many people asked to those Apple engineers on what they do at Apple. Then you can directly approach those people who is responsible for technology you are interested and ask very specific questions. It will be very different from asking through their email list and discussion board with some stupid Apple-lover police living in the developer discussion board and those email list.
    • Nice meal and some kind of meet-up : Well, there are people who hate meal provided by Apple. True. Chefs prepared those in large quantity. So, it may be dried and taste like plastic. However, eating with birds with same feathers gives you good feeling.
    • Sample projects which shows how to use new frameworks or even older ones. Remember this. Sometimes this sample projects are not available for downloading for people who don’t attend WWDC. Sometimes they do. For WWDC 2012, they provided a link to download sample projects used in the WWDC 2012. But for WWDC 2011, they didn’t. I don’t know if they decided to post those for good since WWDC 2012. But let’s open a possibility that they may not post again for WWDC 2013.
  • Why it’s OK not to attend
    • The fee, $1600, plus fee for hotel, and probably for renting a car cost a lot. A LOT… It kills me.
    • The speakers may speak too fast for things you want to concentrate, and too slow for things you want to skip. They also flip slide pages as such.
    • Those sliders and video are available to any members of Apple Developer Membership. So, you can sit in front of your computer and watch and read it without paying the killing price. ( plus you can go to a bathroom by clicking “stop” button. )
    • You don’t need to persuade your manager who don’t understand why their S/W engineers need to be updated with new information.
    • Actually you may not learn anything just because you attend it. People are good at English can also say so. Anyway you have to figure out how to use interested framework methods and classes in the way you want. If you are non-English speaker, except for gathering with people who speak your mother tongue, WWDC can be boring. There is no our favorite pierrot any more. ( you know who he is. )

If the attendance fee is around $150~$300, I can make up my mind easily to attend. But $1600 + is kind of high for deciding.

This time I’d like to attend it. I feel like out of gas in developing S/W nowadays. Even on Windows, I had to confront who don’t understand S/W development. Those environment let me down. Developing S/W was joyful moment so far. However, here where I work, it’s discouraging.
Attending Apple-centric conference doesn’t cheer my Apple side only. It also cheers up my whole developers side in me. It doesn’t matter if it’s Windows, Web or Unix.
So, I value those “live” feeling that we are S/W developers a lot.

How about you? Are you going to attend WWDC 2013?


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