Web app as a mainstream? Its precursor?

Behind iOS, there were two people, Steve Jobs and John Rubinstein.
Steve Jobs wanted native environment, while John Rubinstein, as far as I know, supported Web as the platform. Choosing Web as its main environment would make existing web developers app developers for iPhone very easily and it means it can catch more market than MS hopefully. However, thanks to Steve Jobs’ tactic, native environment became very popular for developing apps on iOS devices, and it kind of pressed the booming of web development, for the time being at least.

However, after Steve Jobs passed away, what I see nowadays is not the Apple’s dooms day financially, but the rising of Web apps again.

John Rubinstein left Apple and joined Palm and announced WebOS.
It was elegant. It has the refined finish like Apple’s. However, somehow it failed in stealing market share. Well, personally, I couldn’t figure out gestures on the WebOS easily.
However, failure in the market doesn’t make it “BAD” OS.
What is interesting with WebOS was that they sought some performance by making an architecture which allows C++ code hooked from JavaScript frontend.

Now, at Ars Technica site, there were two news articles about the movement of Mozilla. One is to embed Unreal 3 Engine in a Web browser and the other is demonstration of JavaScript-only H.264 decoder achieving 30fps.
Although it may not cover big screen yet, it sounds quite immpressive technological preview and shows lots of potential.

So, let’s keep watching that.

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