The Rise and Fall of CORBA

About 10 years ago, object brokering was very very very hot issue. However, while I was away from the subject, I suddenly noticed that nobody didn’t talk about it anymore. So, I wonder what happened to it?

Well, the OpenDoc which affected object brokering a lot was doomed because Apple was in trouble at that time.
The invincible COM was started as a mirror to Apple’s Publish-Subscribe system function and thus had a name “OLE” ( Object Link & Embedding ), but from its 2.0 or some version it was changed to totally different technology toward object brokering. Now, who cares about COM?

Probably the most visible project around CORBA was Netscape Navigator for the future, which became the foundation of Firefox and what was the version of Navigator Suite? was it.. 7.0 or something like that? Anyway… The source code of Mozilla’s were too complicated. One of the reason I have heard why Apple chose KHTML over Mozilla’s for their WebKit was due to the overly complicated and dirty code/structure of the Mozilla’s source code.

Oh.. we should not forget GNOME. GNOME was designed to be a desktop manager based on CORBA.

But who cares about CORBAness of GNOME nowadays? I think they look to throw hard ball on visual design more and more to compete with Mac OS X and KDE. ( Their featueres are very similar to those for Mac OS X and KDE. It doesn’t matter who is the first, but they are kind of head to head. )

OK… so, I tried to look up “Where the CORBA is at nowadays?” on Google, and it gave me this result.

The Rise and Fall of CORBA

There is a PDF version also on the page.


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