Basically same Cocoa framework, but looks to be written by different people

Cocoa for iOS and Mac OS X are basically same. But they are different in their detail.
However, considering that Apple people tried to make a common OS foundation for iOS and Mac OS X, and how it was in the early days of iOS devices, I expect that some new APIs introduced to iOS will be introduced to Mac OS X and vice versa.

However, today I checked the status by comparing NSViewController and UIViewController and some others. Shockingly, Mac OS X framework classes are not that much changed. Compared to that of UIViewController, NSViewController is very immature. Well, there are basically different environment-wise. iOS is a mobile device for which amount of memory is usually small compared to that for Mac OS X. So, more efficient memory mgmnt is expected and it should be enforced. So, it’s reasonable that view controllers on iOS got evolved more than that on Mac OS X. However, even on Mac OS X, if code base becomes big, it’s advisable to split xib files into small xib files and interconnect them for spreading messages.
Splitting into smaller xib files are helpful for the framework manages memory more efficiently.

So, it looks to me that Apple people almost didn’t touch Mac portion of frameworks. Also, the Xcode 4 for developing Mac OS X has many functionality broken. While for iOS, any bugs are fixed rather faster.

Compare these too output. _subtreeDescription for Mac and recursiveDescription for iOS.

for Mac (top ), for iOS (bottom)

for Mac (top ), for iOS (bottom)

Definitely the interest of the writer is different. For Mac, he looked to be interested in what properties each sub view has. Tree-hierarchy looks less apparent.
However, for iOS, view hierarchy is very easy to figure out, frame rect info is easier to read.
So, for Mac OS X, it looks more for the person who implemented frameworks. ( why there is performance measurement for drawRect? )
However, for iOS, it looks more for application developers.

also, the iOS one looks more mature.

I’m so disappointed Apple haven’t modernize their frameworks and brought back iOS classes and messages to Mac OS X.

You know, although you can attach physical keyboard, etc, it’s more convenient to use personal computers than iOS devices or Android devices. Tablets and smart phones are for casual use and usually for viewing. Although people can create contents on them, still working many hours with them is less convenient than with PCs.

If they make tablets more powerful, than what’s the difference between MacBook Air and tablets? In addition to bring iOS features to Mac OS X, maybe Apple people may be considering running iOS on Mac H/W.
Instead of making hybrid OS like Mountain Lion or Windows 8, it may make more sense, but after using a physical keyboard with iPhone ( it doesn’t need to be iPad. Because OS is the same. ), overall it was much inconvenient to use iOS devices. it’s because of the design of the UI.

Probably it’s why Bertland Serlet left Apple?


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