write memo to forget things

Although this post is nothing about code, it’s about S/W engineers’ mindset.
When young, CS people focus largely on writing code, thinking about algorithm, researching about how to solve specific problems or domain problems.

SE, i.e. Software Engineering, to CS majors is a field which is humanities to general scholars. While growing up we started to have more interest in SE stuff.
I think most wrong things about recruiting in here in US is to check whether an applicant can answer to some specific questions with the most “up-to-date” set of technical words, or the interviewer tend to have an attitude to consider an applicant not-knowledgeable with a given topic when the applicant didn’t know the “terminology” the interviewer just spit out.
When you have more experience and understand stuff more profoundly, we care is not about the terminology but what it is. Also, in this computer industry, which is easily a topic by even journalist and non technical people, a lot of new terminology which is not different from old terminology are created and perished very quickly.
Then, like me, people who have long experience in this field tend not to care about specific wording. Only people who have business as background but happened to lead developers tend to care about those wording. Especially here in the U.S., people strangely believes “how many terminology you know equals how good engineers you are” thing.

I personally write memo to dump out things from my brain. If some stuffs fill up my brain, I can’t work on new things.
One of my not-short time friend in S.Korea blogged about it recently. So, I’d like to post a link to his post here.

“A new point of view on writing memo”

It’s written in Korean. Do not rely on Google or any other’s machine translation. They are useless. If you want to read and understand it, socialize yourself with nearby Korean friends and ask help from them. :)

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