User Interface in our life

Bad example of user interface in real life

Today, it took 4 hours to go back home. The traffic on 101, 134 and 5 was really bad. Because it took so long, I badly wanted to go to a restroom. One place I know when I was on 134 was the Glendale Galleria. So, I existed finally to Glendale.

I visited the Glendale Galleria several times before, but still can’t locate restrooms there easily. Although it was huge and long, only in the middle section of the building, there are restrooms.

Once you enter its door to the Galleria mall, you can’t locate your location on directories there. The “Here you are” sticker or mark should be painted with different hue to stand out. However, it was not really so on the directory. (c.f. the pictures below.) Actually stickers for Pepsi cola was more noticeable than “where you are” sticker when you see it there.


Also, it was very hard to figure out on which floor you were on.

Also, in this public space, usually restrooms should be easily accessible and noticeable. However, it was not.
As you can see from the last picture of the mall, although there is one on the left side, you can’t see any sign for restroom easily.

It turned out that it was write in small font with golden plate.

If you go to S.Korea, the directories are usually drawn like it reflects the orientation of the building or mall from the location you stand at.
So, if you look at a directory, actual shops and others are just located like the directory. So, all directories are drawn differently based on where it is going to be installed. Therefore, where you are standing at that moment is usually its bottom-center. And it’s marked with bright colors of which hue is very noticeable than those colors for other object on the directory. Also, “You Are Here” is written in a big font.

But here in the US, I usually didn’t find any shopping  mall or public place which had directories drawn like that.

User interface is not only needed for S/W programs. UI is not for making S/W look pretty. It’s very practical and very strongly goal-oriented methodology for guiding people. Around us, everything should have their own UI, e.g. spigots, door handles, and so on.

It’s very frustrating..



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