To Apple

To Apple : Maybe Mac OS X is not important any more to you. But don’t forget that there are lots of people who depend on that for serious work and use their Macs as daily life.

I found lots of serious issues with iCloud sync in Mail. Peculiar behavior in synching mailboxes, messages not being deleted, deleted mail is displayed on other macs although its view setting is set to hide them, and so on.

Mac OS X is not a toy. Don’t regard users as a testing marmot. Nowadays, I’m pretty sure that you Apple people don’t test your S/W products as well as you guys did it before. Very apparent bugs in the OS and Xcode are not fixed and just distributed.

If you do this more, I’m pretty sure that you will lose the market again. Will the iOS OK? No way. as you may know, I reported lots of problems in iOS 6 and its apps already to you guys.

Although Android dev environment is still bad compared to Xcode, but Xcode has its own dirtiness. With Jelly Beans of Android, they caught up you guys a lot. Also, ARM chips contains Jazelle, a Java booster. So, overall sluggish performance will be enhanced drastically. So, beware of that!

GNUStep on Linux starts to look attractive to me more than ever. You should be glad that GNUStep doesn’t have big impact in developer community and user community. However, as Linux stood up suddenly, desktop Linux can do that someday, although they have failed for many years.

I don’t think your time is left much, Apple.


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