Ambiguous Framework by Apple, after 1 year of my absence practically…

While buried in a C# project for Windows tablets, I booted into Mac OS X at work. So many things were changed so far. Apple people classified AppKit into many “layers”.

Among them, Core Media framework is the most confusing one. It reminds me of a framework for some media. But.. what kind of media can it be? Image, Text, Audio, Video? There are already frameworks for them. Then where the Core “Media” fits into?
It turned out that data types used in those media frameworks as well as AV Foundation are defined in the Core Media.

Then, shouldn’t it be better to rename it like Core Foundation for Media?
Core Foundation usually contains base data structures for Foundation and AppKit, although it has more than than. Or how about Core Types for Media? or CoreMediaType? Wouldn’t they be less confusing and abides by Apple’s convention more?

I’m already sick with MS’s nomenclature, which doesn’t reveal itself very well. Why does Apple add one more there? Arrrr…


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