Machine translation between Korean & English for Apple dev. documents

This is not ordinary post for this blog. It will not have any codes, or technological insight. However, this is about computer science. So, instead of posting it to my HotPotato blog, I decided to post here.

From my Twitter :

Apple provides Japanese pages for their dev web site and references there. I have heard that some people at Samsung Elec. and Apple Korea were surprised by my “free” translated Apple refs., a while ago. I don’t have time to rewrite Apple’s doc for Koreans and not motivated any more. Wouldn’t it be better if Apple provides Google’s translation for their references? (for locally saved docs an for the ones accessible with web browsers.) Because machine translation doesn’t make sense at all, it can be great if people can contribute each line of translations as Google translation does nowadays. Also if those are used for improving machine translation, it can be even better. BTW, companies like Samsung & LG should fund researchers also.

I think machine translation in Korea was dead long time ago. Are there any people over there who still research on that topic?

How about MSDN?
Well, for MSDN, even their English page is not good.
They need to enhance their “search” first. It can’t be called “semantic search” at all. If I provides some keywords or phrases, it gives a long list which are not relevant usually.

ADDED : Actually I asked this a few years ago, but didn’t hear anything. sigh…

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