New communication method required : Twitter + IM

Although some Korean news papers say that email is only for old people and timeline-based solutions like Twitter and Facebook are popular, I don’t think so.
E-mail is here to stay and nothing can replace it. E-mail is good for keep important communication/messages as memo. E-mail can be organized in terms of senders, titles, etc.

However, interesting one is Instant Messengers. With arise of Twitter and Facebook, it is said that IM lost its popularity. Even I don’t use it much nowadays.

However, I also see shortcoming of Timeline based solutions.
It can’t be serve as memo. Your old important communication with someone else is buried by newer twit.
Especially when you talk with someone, you need to keep mention them. If someone joins, you also need to add them in the list of “mention.”
Also, messages are limited to 140 chars. Some small chat, i.e. twit, 140 chars can be enough. But if you want to share your idea on politics, social matters, education issues, and so on, 140 chars are not enough.

So, I saw the serious limitation of Facebook and Twitter. In the case of Facebook, it is a mixture of Twitter, photo album, close-message, etc, but still its main feature, the messaging using timeline still lacks many things.

If I have time and people to work with, I would like to make a new system which provides :

  • IRC-like group communication, but people don’t need to join a chat room. If they subscribed rooms or channels already, they can always monitor what’s going on there.
  • Twitter-like “spitting” out talk to public ( or at least to people who follow you. )
  • IM-like communication. This can be part of the IRC-like group communication. Actually this can be thought as a special form of group communication between 2 people.

Somebody already thought about system like this.


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