Functional GUI design

Why I like Apple’s products, especially S/W products, are because they understand the Bauhaus design philosophy, “Form follows function.” In other words, design is not just for look. It should be something to help to use the target objects or products.

Here is a good example, ( Nowadays even Windows does this and Linux, for sure, has been done this. )

A Transparent window can overcome shortcoming of a small screen

I have a 13″ MacBook. Because its screen is small, I have to switch document window and a document window on which I type often. Such switching distracts my attention.
However, because the Terminal window is transparent ( you can set how much transparent it should be ), I can see what is behind of that window. It is very easy to confirm the content on the PDF file without switch back and forth. Transparent window is not just an eye candy. It is very functional.

I love this kind of touch. New Apple users who have entered to Apple world tend to think that Apple’s products are just pretty. It is wrong. It is not just for visual purpose. They are functional. Apple people have been quite good about this kind of deep consideration.

However, I am disappointed by their new tool for programmers. It is quite anti-productivity and big step-backward from its previous version. It looks like that it is designed by someone who are totally different. I wish Apple bring the functional design back to the tool.


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  1. Posted by Bill Leng on April 14, 2011 at 9:33 AM

    Hi Jongam Park,

    I run into one email thread from you in 2008 talking about a plugin you wrote for Final Cut Pro. You mentioned your class implement the protocol ######. I am wondering if you can share that protocol. I searched the web and found no information. I am writing a plugin for Final Cut Pro and I want put a menu item on the File | Export menu. This protocol may help thought it is not a published protocol




    • Posted by jongampark on April 14, 2011 at 9:52 AM

      Hello, Bill Leng
      I’m not sure where you saw my inquiry. Is it one of Apple’s pro-apps mailing list?
      I thought that Apple people removed that specific message, because it is not allowed to spill that information.
      It is NDAed interface. To get it, you need to contact Apple people. Probably you post a message asking “interface” between your apps and FCP, then Apple people can give you their contact info.

      ( I removed the protocol name from your comment.)


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