Some enhancement to scroll view for iOS?

The more I use iOS devices, the more I see inconvenience from the scroll view. When content of a scroll view is short, it is good enough to scroll it by swiping. However, if you read long text, it is very tiring and sometimes I feel pain.

The Safari provides one nice feature for this.
If you click the header, it scrolls to its top position. However, there is no way to go to its bottom or to some specific position.
Also, this feature is Safari’s feature not scroll view’s.

What if two-finger-touch-swipe as a way to move thumb of a scroll bar?
What I mean is to display a thumb and a scroll bar at where two finger touches. The height of iOS device screen represents the whole length of a document, then. And scroll mechanism works like that for Mac/Windows.

The improvement for scroll view will be more significant on iPad due to its bigger screen.

I thought about implementing this customized scroll view but didn’t have time yet. I need to figure out what to override and how to handle things. Also “look” matters. How to present the bottom portion to be able to jump down to the bottom? without spending much screen real estate?


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