The Result of Poll

OK. I asked visitors’ native language for about 2 weeks, and here is the result.

So, 8 are English natives, 3 are Koreans, and 3 use other languages ( including French :) )
Thank you for letting me know this.

Why I posted such a poll is that I can easily see the number of visitors on Sunday afternoon here in Los Angeles increased a lot. Then it is Monday morning or AM in South Korea. So, I guessed that Koreans visited my blog a lot and probably it is good to write in Korean.
However, it turned out that there are not so many people who read this blog. ( I know, recently I wrote usually about Windows programming, which is boring, but I write when there are issues I have or want to record. Nowadays I work on Windows project usually. )
Also, Koreans seem to be silent. Probably the number of visitors are just that high because of some meta blog, or meta search engines.

So, I decided to write in English mainly as usual.

Thank you again for expressing your thought. :)


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