How to implement tabbed window

On Winows, I’m working on a project about migration from old MFC to new MFC Feature Pack-based.
While I was doing it, I got to be curious how to implement the tabbed window like the Google Chrome browser and the TotalFinder.

 Actually, it turned out that the author of the TotalFinder took a look at the Google code and probably he copied it or modified it to fit his need at least.

So, I searched about it and found some information.
If you are also curious about it, take a look at this.

Also, I’m also curious how to put such new functionality into an existing application.
It was done by using SIMBL extension.
The SIMBL extension was a kind of hack with InputMethod plugin.
As far as I know, SIMBL extension was to be prohibited from Leopard or Snow Leopard, but it is still alive.

So, please search on the Google how it works and what kind of characteristics of Objective-C/Cocoa allows such behaviour. It is tricky but I found some clue recently.
It can be really serious security hole. Anyone can write malicious codes very easily if he/she exploits Category or the mechanisum used by the SIMBL.

If I have a chance, I will write about Category and Plug-In architecture soon.


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