What’s new in Interface Builder 3.2 – II

OK. Mr. bonaldi left a comment to my previous post, What’s new in Interface Builder 3.2.
According to him, it is moved to “Library” tab of “Library” window.
Let’s take a look at where it is.


OK. it is there. However, isn’t it strange? This is not about “Oh.. it’s at other place”.
When you take care of a class or an instance, it is supposed to be done under “identity” tab of that specific instance’s “Inspector” window. So, you can handle all things about the chosen instance. It is handy and very reasonable.
The “library” window is for “stock” classes. From the IB 3.2.x, Apple added a “library” tab on the “Library” window, and put the outlet. Others added there are :

  1. Lineage
  2. Definitions
  3. Outlets
  4. Actions

Think about this.
When you choose an instance, it is to say that you want to do something with the instance.
Adding outlets, actions are one of them. So, it was reasonable to to have those on the “identity” tab.
Very reasonable!
However, IB 3.2.x suddenly introduced “Library” tab on “Library” window and separated housekeeping into two places : Inspector window and Library window.

It is not even mentioned in its IB Help.

ADDED : Probably someone at Apple started raise serious question about object ( instance ) vs. class.
The object (instance) and the class is different. The class is kind of template for making an object or an instance.
So, instantiated class is object or instance.
On IB’s main window, it displays instances of class, i.e objects. “File Owner” and others are all instances of certain classes. So, if you are adding outlets or actions using “identity” tab, it is like to add those to “objects”.
Strictly speaking, it should be a class not an object. It is to add something to a class and instance of that class contains the added things. So, in other words, in previous version of IB, it used mixed concepts of instances and classes. So, probably someone at Apple wanted to raised question on using the terms in mixed way.

If someone at Apple Inc. visits this blog, can you clarify this?

ADDED : After searching documents I found out that the Interface Builder release notes contains information on those changes. Ah~ Why did I miss it!!!!

According to this statement, yeah.. it is true that they really differentiated “instance” and “class”.

Add actions and outlets to a class. Adding actions and outlets to a class does not require an instance of that class, and you can simply add outlets and actions to a class from within the Outlets and Actions detail views of the Classes tab.


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