Strange iPhone video player behaviour

This is not really about development but rather a bug or something I don’t understand.
Whenever I tried to play video lecture from Stanford iTunesU on my iPod Touch, it couldn’t. However, iTunes can play them, VLC can play them, QuickTime player can play them. So, I tried to figure out what the differences are.

The original video clip which can’t be played on my iPod Touch. (2nd. Gen. )
Picture 2

Now, a converted video file which can be played on my iPod Touch.
Picture 1

There are some differences in their file sizes.
However, the most noticeable difference is the order of tracks.
For the original clip, which can’t be played, has a video track as the 1st track, while the converted on has an audio track at the 1st track.

It is very strange. I don’t think this ordering really make the difference or it should not make difference.

What do you think about this?


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