Amazon Kindle DX

Today a new Amazon Kindle DX was announced. I have waited this for long time. I wanted to have an E-ink based e-Book reader, because I read lots of document and would like to save papers. It is also very handy to put all documents in such a small device.
Using my MacBook is not quite handy. It should be folded out and LCD screen is not good for reading books and documents. You virtually look at a fluorescent bulb!

So, with Amazon Kindle DX, you can see whole US Letter page, and it supports PDF! ( The smaller version of Kindle 2 doesn’t support PDF. PDF files should be converted. ) Their propaganda is “No ratation, No Panning, No Zooming”.

However, there are some problems with it. When you flip pages, screen refresh is very slow. ( I tried it with Sony’s E-readers. ) E-ink display is still slow for refreshing. So, it is main reason, I guess, Amazon designed it to cover a whole page.

Secondly, “US Letter size” itself is also a problem. In US, US Letter size is the standard. However, in Europe and Korea, A4 is standard. Although the Kindle DX is a product for US market mainly, it can be a problem in other countries if Amazon wants to export it. Their books will be OK. However, people who have their own PDF files in A4 size, it can be a problem.

Thirdly, the price! It is $489.00. It is about $500. The Kindle DX is solely for reading E-books. Nowadays Windows notebook computers costs as much as Kindle DX. Notebook computers are very much multi-functional. Don’t you think the Amazon Kindle DX or any other E-readers are too expensive? Probably it is better to buy Sony’s, because it supports PDF format.

I would rather go for the Kindle 2, which is smaller. But it is still expensive. So, probably it is better to wait.

Anyway, someone is developing a new generation of LCD panels which can last about 1 week with notebook batteries and can be read under outdoor sun light.

Shall we wait for E-ink based iPhone or iPod touch?


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