How to prepare a target windows machine for debugging : Windows Side by Side Assemblies

With the Visual C++ 2005, MS introduced very weird entities to relieve the DLL hell. It is called Windows Side by Side Assemblies of Windows SxS.

However, it gives you another headache. It is like to bring foxes to expel tigers. It is very annoying to set-up target machine for debugging. If you have only one target machine, there is no such headache. But while you are at work, you would have many target machines at your software quality assurance team.

However, the MSDN doesn’t provide short and easy explanation how to setup debug version of their SxS. Many articles at the MSDN contains just vague explanation or something that does not really matter.

Especially, the last one is the most important article. However, it doesn’t really explain what is supposed to do clearly.

Instead, I would like to show how to prepare target machines for debugging.

Here is the step.

  1. Copy debug SxS to target machine’s directory where your program to be debugged is copied to.

That’s it!

Then what files/directories to copy?

Copy those to where your program to be debugged is.


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