Failure in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard installation and the PackageMaker

Finally I decided to upgrade my Tiger 17″ iMac PPC sunflower model to the 10.5 Leopard due to the Xcode.
And fall into nasty situation like many others.

Symptom : When the installer goes to the step “run preinstall script for Essentials”, it hangs. When I went to work after issuing the installation, I saw that it stopped there and when I came back home, it was still there.

Many people pointed out that RAM is the cause. But!!!! I had no problem with the memory with previous 10.4 Tiger. So, it should not be RAM problem.

Sometimes it goes to the next step. ( But it fails in booting. ) After reading the log carefully, a idea struck me. It seemed to me that it was the PackageMaker problem. The Mac OS X Installer looks like that it was made with the PackageMaker. The Leopard version of the PackageMaker was very very unstable, and sometimes it can install programs, while sometimes it cannot. What I noticed before was that if preflight and postflight scripts were used in the PackageMaker, it behaved unpredicitvely. Last year I reported many bug report regarding to the PackageMaker, and current version seems to be way more stable.

So, I strongly doubt that this is the PackageMaker issue.

Apple’s product quality has been very good. Although there were many defects with the white MacBook, the Cube, and so on, it was way better than other company’s comparably. However, something changed in Apple Inc. nowadays.. Probably do they make too much money and spoiled mentally?

I don’t know…

EDITED : It was possible to install it by disabling language translation files.


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