dwmapi.dll problem

Due to the fire in the Port Ranch area, Northridge, I have worked at home, or more accurately, in a LA Central Library.

Instead of making progressing in modifying a program’s feature, I tried hard making it compilable at least. Contrary to what said before, the main project depends on its sub-project, which is I expected. After making it compilable, I found one weird problem. It complaint that it couldn’t find “dwmapi.dll”.
As its name suggests, it is kind of MAPI library. Hmm.. but on my Windows XP x64 machine, which is a MacBook, there is no such library installed.
So, I decided to google it, and found some.

  1. need a help regarding dwmapi.dll and...
  2. Handling the dwmapi.dll dependency
So, the IE7 does something weird! I should try downloading any latest version of the IE 7 to see if it already contains the fix.

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  1. Posted by tony on February 27, 2009 at 4:11 AM

    its not a MAPI library its a DWM Api dll, DWM being the new compositing engine stuff for vista (Microsoft were nice enough to back port it to XP for IE7).


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