Why I need “Reveal in Finder” and browsing from window title bar on the Windows platform

Every platform has its good side and bad side. With recognition of that, I prefer Mac platform with good reason. Big features are easy to be appreciated. However there are very small features people forget but very beneficial.

Because I use the Visual C++ very frequently, the most lacking feature on Windows I can acknowledge are :

  1. Reveal in Finder
  2. Browsing from the title bar
The first feature, Reveal in Finder, relieves headache of opening the Explorer window and browsing it. Try locating a source file or a built binary in the Explorer. You know where they are. So, you browse into the folder which contains the files. However, how many steps do you need? Also, one thing bad on Windows platform is that it can’t handle two different files with the same name. Especially with the VC++, it is somewhat difficult and inconvenient to confirm where the file is.  It depends on how to setup “window display” mode. If you use the tab mode, it is easy. You just need to put the mouse pointer on the tab. Then it will display the path. However, if you choose the other option, it can’t.
However, on the Mac OS X, almost all programs support “Reveal in Finder”. If you choose a file in the Xcode project or the iTunes and choose “Reveal in Finder”, it will open the folder in which the file is and it automatically select the file for you. Also, some supports “Open the containing folder”. It is almost same.
With this feature, you don’t need to open as many folder window, because you can always access that folder very easily. Especially when there are so many different projects, you will appreciate the feature. Take a look at my drive.
Second one, which is “browsing from the title bar”, is also very useful. Let’s say that you open a file in the MS Word. You want to know where the file is. Probably you want to check other files there also. Then “comand+click” on the title bar which displays the file name. Then you can browse into one of its containing folders. Very handy, isn’t it?
On the Windows, MS Office products have one serious defect. If there are two files with the same name, you can’t open the other file, when you already open one. In that case, you sometimes don’t know which file you opened. If the Windows supports the two really good features of the Mac OS X, there will be no such confusion.

One response to this post.

  1. For Reveal in Finder (Or Open the containing Folder) here is a post on how to do this in Visual C++…



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