How to enable Font and Format menu with the Interface Builder 3

    Within the MacOS X 10.5 Leopard there are a lot of new features included. Nobody, even the Apple, can’t enlist the feature set. They are from small enhancement to big additions. For example, the new dictionary can now be linked to some Korean dictionary, and so on. It searches words from the Wikipedia.

    However, no one seems to talk about the new additions in the Cocoa/Carbon framework or even the development tools. Cocoa Scripting Bridges, and so on.. There are lots of new things added. Some are new. But there are also something becoming bad.

    I didn’t care about the Font menu and Format menu before. Because those things are free bread for the Cocoa programming. Until the Interface Builder 2.x, you can just drag & drop those menus in your main menu bar, and it automatically supported font manipulation in any of your NSTextView.

    However, from the Interface Builder 3.0, it is not true anymore. You need to connect message handlers for yourself, although you still don’t need to write a single line of codes. I don’t understand this. The FirstResponder supports all the required messages for the Font and the Format menus, just like it did during the Interface Builder 2.0 era. 

    Anyway, Apple posted a technical article on that here.



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