Tutorials for XQuery and Cocoa

    I needed to extract information from a Final Cut Pro project file in XML format. There are two ways to do so. One is to use a event-driven method using NSXMLParser, while the other approach is to use a Tree parser like NSXML.

    Apple provides a nice sample code for XML processing, which is located at /Developer/Examples/Foundation/XMLBrowser.
With this sample, you can apply many settings like “Pretty-Print” and so on. You can even try what result XQuery statement returns. So, this XMLBrowser sample code is quite a good test bed for your Objective-C/Cocoa coding.

    Along this, I found a good tutorial for the XQuery. ( You can understand the XQuery to XML as SQL to the relational database. ) There is another one here at the IBM developer works.

    Also, Apple provides a very interesting tips for the Final Cut.

Enjoy the XML coding!!!


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