Using bootcamped Windows without any key mapping

There are many people who complains about different key mapping on Windows and Mac, and non-existent keys on Mac keyboards for the Windows.

With extended keyboard, which most people use, there is no such issue. Because the current Macintosh keyboard except for the small wireless keyboard that doesn’t have extended part.

So, many people try installing key mappers on the Windows. However, Apple provides good information on how to use their keyboards with the Windows. They have very nice pictures of variable Apple keyboards including the small Apple Wireless keyboard.

If you click links on “Note:” line, you can find specific information on each keyboard type.

However, if you are a MacBook user, not a MacBook pro user, you will ask, “How about my MacBook?”, because they don’t have any explanation for the case of MacBook. The Wireless keyboard looks exactly like the MacBook’s. Well, information on that “note” link explains quite useful key mappings, but not all. For example, Start, End, PageUp and PageDown are what I use very frequently when I write codes on the Windows. ( I don’t like the position of those keys, though. Like the Mac OS X, “Command-<left arrow>”, “Command-<right arrow>”, “Command-<Up arrow>”, “Command-<Down arrow>” are more intuitive and more convenient to use. So, here is the good news. On bootcamped Windows, you can use “fn” + <arrow keys> for those. You cand find more information on those on the page for MacBook Pros. The MacBook follows MacBook Pros as far as the keyboard mapping is concerned.



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