Is Steve Jobs OK??

Last night, I watched the iPhone SDK announcement. It is very brilliant and I could see the strategy behind it. There are lots of things to talk about it.

However, I would like to talk about Mr. Jobs himself. When the QuickTime broadcast started, I was surprised because how he looked. Something must be wrong with him. When a person get old, his/her muscle collapses, or diminishes. However as far as I know it happens after his/her mid 50s. Nowadays it happens even later because people eat well and they exercise well nowadays. So, I was so surprised.Well.. one thing.. I can think about it.. the cancer in pancreas…. Will it be the cause? I don’t know.. Isn’t it cured? I don’t know. One problem with western medicine is that M.Ds say very definitely, but sometimes the nature shows that it is not really. 
I hope he will be very OK. I really worry about his health and thus Apple’s sound foundation.  

In recent stock holders’ meeting, it is said that a successor to Mr. Jobs was mentioned. I doubt why…? Well.. Yeah.. probably they need to train and raise the next Mr.Jobs, or Jobs 2.0 for the future Apple. According to him, there are many brilliant people at the Apple, however I don’t think it is enough. Before, Mr. Sculley was an outstanding CEO. Dr. Amellio was said to be a quite good leader. There are more people that I remember. However they didn’t make the Apple as successful as Mr. Jobs. How good they are is one important factor to make a company great, but not all. There is something small – I mean, big – , but critical thing missing.

I wish he would be OK.Really… 


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