So religious fight between Windows people and Mac people

What a great day!

I posted my inquiry to the Apple’s mailing list,, and a USENET newsgroup, microsoft.public.development.device.drivers.

My question is how to get information on H/W to write a device driver. That question is very platform independent and specific to devices.

One of the response I got from the MS newsgroup is :

You bought a MacBook to run Windows, interesting idea. And you bought a
notebook (MacBook)because you want to write drvice drivers for those devices
(designed for Mac)not supported by Windows. Don’t quite get it. I thought
Apple is eviler than Microsoft.

Windows HC miniport is completely undocumented, good luck.


Many developers buy Mac H/W because they can use tools which are only available or better on  one platform. There are many developers who should write their code for the two platforms, and so on. I’m one of them. The reason I want to write drivers for the MacBook is that I want to make my devices recognized, and actually I want to learn how to develop drivers.

Another response is from the Apple’s mailing list.

On Feb 29, 2008, at 1:42 PM, JongAm Park wrote:

> I’m trying to write my own mouse driver and external HDD driver for the Windows XP x64 installed on my MacBook.
> Although I understand that this mailing list,, is for device driver developers for the MacOS X, I think my inquiry is common to any driver writer. So, please understand my post.

“I understand that this mailing list is not for the questions I ask, but I am going to ask them anyway”.

You’re right, it’s not.

> I found out that the MS HID-compatible device driver doesn’t work with mice connected to the MacBook on Windows XP x64. Also, My external HDD, more specifically the enclosure manufactured by the Vantek, doesn’t work with it.
> So, I decided to write my own device driver for them. ( Anyway, the reason I bought a MacBook was to study writing device drivers. )
> So, I need H/W information for the Apple’s own H/W.

Why? And what “Apple’s own H/W”?

> For example, what address are allocated for devices like the USB hub controller and so on, what I/O model they use, i.e. memory mapped I/O or port I/O, what IRP do they expect, etc.

The USB host controller works fine with your vendor-supplied driver; the “advice” you got from the “MS device driver newsgroup” is bad.

Make sure that you have the most recent BootCamp driver pack installed, and contact your operating system vendor for support. It’s what you paid them for, right?

= Mike

People say that the Mike, or Michael Smith, is a developer at the Apple.
How unprofessional response it is!!!
Does he even understand what device drivers are?
I wanted to know information on Apple’s own H/W which you should know to write device drivers. He maybe a too strong pro-Apple, but he should understand that “Windows”-installable Mac actually helps selling the Mac, and it becomes sound foundation for the Apple’s success.

I’m not going to pirate things and do hacking.

Why do they act so childish?


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