Resurrection of the mlMac

The mlMac project has not been active for a while. Because the mlDonkey’s WEB UI is somewhat inconvenient, the Sancho was a good candidate. However, it is written in Java, and although it is compiled using the gcj, it feels slow. Also, it has some minor bugs that the selection changes the file names to the that of the next one in the table.

So, I fixed some bugs in the mlMac and made it work again.

Now, it can display UTF-8 string well.


P.S. To original authors of the mlMac
Can you add me to the developer list? I can’t check in the sourceforge repository.
(Also, the current CVS tree seems to be corrupted. I mean, the sources can be downloaded, but they are not managed up-to-date. There are mlMac and mlmac branch, and it is very confusing which one is which. Also, the the latest one, i.e. mlMac, from the CVS doesn’t have valid English bundles. So, I had to download the source version of the 0.7.5 and compared it to the one from the CVS. )


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