The 3rd graded product

Well, I know it is pretty hard to design and implement operating systems. Although there are many people who don’t like the Windows, I should say that people who made it are great.

OK. Let’s start based on that. Although I understand how difficult it is to make operating systems, something is wrong with the Windows.

I have used my external HDD, which I assembled. The enclosure is from a company, Vantec, and its model name is NST-350UF. It supports the Firewire and the USB at the same time. So, I hooked it up to a Mac via the Firewire, and a PC via the USB.

However, I recently upgraded the Windows to the Windows XP x64, and hoped that it would work flawlessly. You know, if a machine understand the Firewire protocol and the USB protocol, it should be no problem in using that.

However, the Windows XP x64 detected that it was a new device, and failed in installing a device driver for it! The Vantec provides drivers only for Windows 98!

Then how come the Apple Mac OS X have had no problem in using it!!!

As I mentioned, there should be no problem if it understand the standard protocol!

What’s wrong with the Windows XP x64? It has a device driver for the Firewire and the USB!!

You know, although Mac also has some quality issue and some bugs because people make it, the design consideration looks very good. However, the Windows is not.

Whether it is good or not becomes clear when it approaches its edge!


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