f-script as a prototyping tool

There are lots of buzzwords in the computer language and web related technology field : Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Web 2.0, and so on.

However, what I don’t understand about “the new cool tech” nowadays is that they don’t really introduce something new or something you can’t do with older counterparts.

Ruby on Rails or AJAX can be thought as methodology, so it can be a little different story for those.

Because not so many people talk about the F-Script outside of the Mac community, I didn’t have interest in it. However, thanks to  a MacResearch.org article, I decided to take a look at it at least.

At the F-Script web site, you can find a tutorial which is about how to use the CoreImage with the F-Script. After reading it and try the sample code for myself, I started to consider the F-Script as a fast prototyping tool for Obj-C and Cocoa. Without doing some preparation jobs, you can test Cocoa code and confirm if your idea is right.

So, in my opinion, the F-Script can be differentiated from other script languages, and its benefit is quite clear.

It is really nice.


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