Brilliant design if it is real

Rumor says that the Apple Inc. is going to announce a ultra portable MacBook. I am waiting for buying one, because my old iMac shows its age, and would like to use the Xcode 3.0 and the Objective-C 2.0.

However, nowadays there is even more shocking news, the dock for the ultra portable.  At the Gizmodo, someone posted a mock-up photograph, and the Apple is said to get patent for it. Seeing is believing. So, let’s take a look at it.

A iMac-like docking station

This is very brilliant, because it solves some issues of computers nowadays. What are those issues?

  1. People buy notebooks more than desktops, but if they use notebook computers heavily, they want to use it comfortably. So, they want a desktop too. But it is waste of money to keep two computers although you don’t use the both at the same time. So, why don’t you buy a one computer which can transform as you need them?
  2. Usually LCD screen last longer than the computer itself. Apple’s all-in-one design was bad in that sense, because you should replace the whole thing although the built-in LCD screens and others are still good to use. With this design, only the computer part, i.e. the ultra slim MacBook, can be replaced to a better one later. You may like a modular tower more. I do. I want a mini Mac Pro tower on my desk. However, the Apple doesn’t make such a computer. Mac mini doesn’t have a enough big enclosure for better air ventilation. So, this design can be a good compromise.
  3. It looks cool and less messy. You may say, “So, what?”, when you see the design at first. Yes, it is true. You can attach an external monitor and a keyboard to your notebook. So, This design can be overkill. However, it looks neat on your desk. To some people, looking nice is big plus

However, people should ask Apple that they should maintain this form factor longer. If not, it is of no use. If they don’t manufacture a new notebook which fit the enclosure, it becomes obsolete, So..

Apple already announced similar one before, the Duo docking station. However, it looked bulky and expensive. It doesn’t look like as complete design as this new one.

I would like to have one, if the Apple Inc. really announce this.


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