C++, Stroustrup

Well, in my opinion, the C# is good language and C++/CLI is good also.
However, I always have thought that C# was rather political than technical, and C++/CLI would make the standard C++ spoiled and too bulky.

I would like to hear the original C++ author’s point of view on the two language/or environment, and found good link.

Why doesn’t C++ have garbage collection?

What do you think of C++/CLI?

By the way, current C#/C++/CLI and the .NET environment get similar to the Objective-C/Cocoa.
Especially take a look at how COM programming model is changed to become the .NET remoting.
Although the basic idea can be same, but the two model is somewhat different and .NET remoting is too similar to that of the Objective-C/Cocoa remote messaging.

Why doesn’t MS adopt a lot cleaner Objective-C?


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  1. Thanks for the links, it’d probably never even come to my mind to check for something like that.

    I’m just reading through the whole FAQ…

    Great blog, btw! Cheers! :-)


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