Apple H/W vs. Others

I crushed my ThinkPad LCD yesterday by accident. It made me consider a new H/W.
However, I don’t like current MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Apple’s desktops like Mac Pros are too expensive. If I buy a computer on which MacOS X and the Windows can run, it would save my desk space and room space. That is why I consider Apple’s machines.

However.. Yeah.. you know.. Hackintosh.. Its kernel is somewhat old, but there seems to be no problem using it. So, I thought about another ThinkPad notebook or a Dell desktop.
A desktop’s merit is that it is less expensive to upgrade, because you can buy each component when you need to upgrade them. So, I visited Dell’s and Lenovo’s web sites. What I found out was that the prices for PCs drop very fast. So, you can’t say that current Apple’s H/W is cheaper than others, especially Lenovo’s and Dell’s.
Well, Dell machines are not cheap as it looks on its web page. If you click the “customize” button, the price will rise. However, what is good about the Dell, or other PC manufacturer is that they provide many different options. With Apple’s, if you like the Mac mini, but don’t like its GMA graphics chipset, what can you do? You should go to next higher machine, iMac. But you don’t like the all-in-one design. Then you should buy a Mac Pro. But it is expensive. With Dell’s, you don’t need to do so. You can customize one model the way you want.

Although I have used the Mac and the PCs at the same time, when I used a PC, I always envied the elegance of S/W programs for Mac and its OS. When I used a Mac, I always envied the cheaper price of PCs and their FINANCIALLY easy upgrade options. Apple’s H/W have always suffered upgradability somehow. Nowadays virtually none complains about PC’s expandability. They simply buy a notebook, although their most favourite reason for not buying a Mac was the lack of expandability. ( Well.. Mac IIs were not.. but they were expensive. ) It’s a kind of paradox.

So, now.. because I used my iMac as my main computer, and the ThinkPad as a supplemental one, I would like to buy a PC desktop. However I know that I will envy the elegance of the Mac programs. Can I install the MacOS X on any models or what I buy?

I guess Mr. Jobs think about two options. One is the Windows on Mac, and the other is Mac on PCs. Because the Mac on PCs can kill their H/W business and the MacOS X’s market share is not so big as that of the Windows, I guess Mr. Jobs took the first option first.
However, I strongly want that Apple will announce MacOS X for PCs officially soon.


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