Best computer design ever?

Since the introduction of the 1st personal compuer, there have been a lot of cool computers.
Among those I will pick the Apple IIGS as the best.
First, it has clean, simple, and elegant look. It had the flexibility of the Apple II computers, while had the elegance of the Macintosh. Its hardware was successfully upgraded to 16bit architecture. Unlike other computers lead by the S. Jobs, this Apple II computer maintained backward compatibility.

Here is its spec.

Another one is the Mac II cx and ci. They share the same design. Only the difference is that the IIci has a built-in video support. It is very elegant. it looks like the Apple IIGS somehow.

Here is its spec

NeXT was very beautiful. Actually the design looked like black IIcx/ci with slim case, called pizza box. Current Playstation 2 looks like the NeXTStation also.

Those 3 computers share same or similar design cue, and it was from the Frog Design’s design.

If you remember the snow white project, you will know what I mean.
The Snow White keyboard design was really good. I think it is the still the best of the best.

Why doesn’t Apple remake those great design?


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