Inevitable HOME cluster computing?

Well.. next year, whether you intended or not, you would want to buy new Intel Macs.

Oh! Wait! Most end-users already have iMacs and eMac, or even iBooks and PowerBooks.
Do you want to buy new keyboards and new monitors for your new Mac? Or if you buy another all-in-one models, Uh… you will have multiple keyboards and monitors which are built-in.

Isn’t it a waste of money, and natural resources? Your Macs still works OK. Performance is quite OK, isn’t it? I don’t see any strong reason to upgrade my 17″ 1GHz iMac. Then… what? Ok.. you may buy a KVM switch and share your mouse and keyboards. But how about monitors?

Well.. so there is the Mac mini. However because your existing iMac has its own monitor built-in, you can’t use it for the Mac mini.
One solution is to boot the Mac mini in headless mode. However your existing Mac is still usable, and new Mac minis are not be quite fast.

Well…. So, I think it is the time to buil super computers for Home! Seriously!
Who could expect cluster computing was for home computing?
However, instead of buying another all-in-one model or headeless Mac model with monitors, attaching Mac minis as cluster nodes will be suitable to your incresed computing needs.
Well.. cluster computing doesn’t mean enhanced performance always. Only if your choice of S/W should be able to have benefit from the clustering.
However…by setting up home cluster machine, your jobs can be distributed, sometimes you can enjoy performance enhancement if you use “distributed build” of the XCode. :)

One problem is that, you many need another monitor anyway. If one of your cluster node have some problems with its OS, you may need to install an OS onto it. What I mean is that you may confront some situation where you need a monitor.

Anyway… I think it is the time for the home cluster computing!

Next year, if I buy an Intel Mac, I can build codes in distributed way, using hybrid cluster setup, ie. PowerPC Mac and Intel Mac. :)

Doesn’t this look interesting?

Images are from Boinx Weblog


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