Apple Computer Inc.! This is what the iPod should be!

Here we have a very good mp3 player.

Network Walkman™ Digital Music PlayerspacerNW-E507

I don’t like the iPod’s boring design. It was OK at first, but it doesn’t look OK now.
What should you be able to do with its big LCD screen? Just seeing the name of music being played? Why doesn’t it have a built-in FM tuner? Well, it is a mp3 player, but.. just in case you need an FM tuner!

Usually Flash memory based mp3 players are too expensive. However compared to the iPod shuffle 1GB model, it is not so expensive. This Sony’s features are :

# GB1 Built-In Memory / Stores 695 Songs2
# Built in FM Tuner
# 3-Line EL (Organic Electroluminescence) Display
# Super Quick Battery Charge3 (3 min charge = 3 hrs playback)
# Up to 50 Hours4 of Playback Life with Rechargeable Embedded Battery
# Plays Back in MP3/ATRAC3®/ATRAC3plus™ Audio Formats

A lot better!
Look at the charging time and its OLED ( Organic Electroluminescence ) display!

iRiver, Cowon, and Samsung! This is the definition of elegant design!


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